What a way to spend a birthday!

We live a simple life we don’t have, or covet, lots of possessions, we know that is not the way to happiness, and we are happy.

We started Rich’s birthday weekend with a visit to a huge vide grenier in the stunning town of Lassay les Chateaux near to us.

What a place to visit, with French gems everywhere and saucisse and frites as well! But it was sooooo hot the dogs started to struggle and the baby Dylan had to be carried back to the car because the ground was burning her feet. Thankfully this year, as part of the summer frivolity and for his birthday, Rich has been given a swimming pool. It has been a Godsend, with our two lilo’s that fit in it that Karen and I spent all day yesterday floating on, and temperatures of over thirty degrees every day both us and the dogs have loved it.

Whilst this is a possession it is one for us all, but,other than that, we have not been out for lunch, I didn’t buy Rich a card, or a gift, but Karen did buy him a cake! We had prosecco, red wine, and Rich had some ciders someone had brought him over from England; I cooked him pancakes with maple syrup, and we all had lamb chops for tea (somewhat the worse for wear after drinking wine all day in the garden!)

It was baby Dylan’s first birthday as well so the Welshie’s joined in the party, running around with their paper hats on various parts of their bodies, anywhere but their heads! Only Harley kept it on for any length of time, but that’s the joy of a Welshie!

What more could you ask? Good food, good company, good wine, and dogs! Add to that the final of the World Cup and Wimbledon and the view and serenity of our garden and my husband’s prayers were answered.

By the time we all ate we were worn out, so Rich’s birthday cake has been saved for today, but the puppies had theirs, ice cream, cream and madeira cake, they’re not spoilt at all!!


Today we will get some errands done, and go for a walk, possibly to the barrage (see post from January or look out for a new one soon.)

Life is good, keeping it simple is the way to go.




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