The vet is my new best friend!

We’re back at the vets!

Dylan's Welshie World

Well amazingly Dylan made it to a year old – despite the trip to the vets.

And on Sunday had her birthday party with Harley and Wiglet.

Squirty cream and sponge cake with a candle of course!

Mmmmm, maybe only dog owners will get that bit. Others may just think I am mad – but hey who cares!

It was a scorching hot day in France, so Dyls was dunked in the pool at regular intervals to keep cool.

She’s got a routine, quick dip in the pool followed by zoomies round the garden – and repeat.

Harley loves the pool too, and after his operation on a ruptured herniated disc, last year, it’s a joy to see him bounce up the side of the pool demanding you splash water for him to chase, barking loudly as he tries to catch the drops.

Not so relaxing is being in the…

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