Mops, mice and memories

Love this one, for all dog lovers ❤️

Dylan's Welshie World

Our summer in France is going far too fast.

I can hardly believe we have been here since June.

As I write this Dylan is doing zoomies round the garden with her cousins Harley and Wiglet, and she’s smiling.

I’m listening to the birds singing, and looking at the never ending fields that have already been harvested, the huge rolls of barley taken away.

All is quiet.

Well apart from the excited barks and grrs of three Welshies who are racing around. They have made us laugh everyday – how special is that?

Now they are playing tug with a mop head.

Yep no prizes for guessing who started that little game!

Must admit though seems a Vileda mop is made of strong stuff, as it’s holding its own against these determined terriers!

As you can tell, Dylan is back to her usual bouncy self after her many visits to…

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