Mists, mellowness, and memories…


I was inspired to write this post because when we woke this morning, after a really hot, close night, this was the view that greeted us. The whole of the valley and the fields in front of our house were shrouded in mist, autumn is letting us know that she is on her way.

It made me smile because it was as if a full stop was being put behind the summer of fun and nature was saying that times they are a changing (to quote Bob Dylan!) We cannot hold on to anything forever and the sooner we accept that the easier out lives will become; because no matter how tight we hold on life will take it from us in the end; we have to go with the flow.

As I wandered around the garden signs of autumn were everywhere, and it all seemed really poignant as I was here on my own today. There was the pool discarded and unloved (although I hope we get to have another dip on the hot autumn days)


The swingseat, on the leaning cherry sad and forlorn, with the cherry appearing to weep tears with it’s leaves..



And discarded dog toys and the beloved mop head, now laying sad and unloved…


The hydrangeas and clematis are having a last hurrah as the mists rejuvinate them; and they stand as a reminder that life goes on, embrace it……


I have two sad puppies who have sulked all day because their naughty little compadre is not here with them, and some very relieved cats!

But here is to the future, thank you all for your excitement at what is to come, here is to the new season. Let’s embrace these times ‘of mists and mellow fruitfulness’……






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