Oh no! The puppy class trainer is a broken woman! But ai can vouch for Dylan (Miss Mooddiebag’s naughtinees agter I found my chewed up shoes in the garden) …

Dylan's Welshie World

After tonight, I think our poor trainer has finally admitted defeat!

And strangely it wasn’t just down to Dylan- though of course, the little monster did pull quite a few moves out of the bag! Literally!

Following last week when we were told Dylan wasn’t ready to take her Bronze Good Citizen, the trainer had a change of heart and this week told us we would be taking the test after all!

Yay go us!

Though I have a sneaking suspicion it’s more that she’s hoping against hope we pull it off and move to the next class – and a new trainer.

As usual Dylan did her meet and greet and was most displeased that she got stopped before she’d had a chance to jump on every puppy in the room – most notably her favourite Aslan the Leonberger who was back this week.

The trainer wasn’t hanging about…

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