Dylan gets dropped!

Officially one of the longest serving puppies

Dylan's Welshie World

Back at puppy class after a weeks break and Dylan was raring to go. Watch out world!

After all it’s only ten days until the Bronze Good Citizen test. Or is it?

Boo was missing tonight – seems she’s has started her second season and will miss the test. But Mollie the Cavapoo was back with a bang and bouncing around.

There was a new addition to class – Binks, a gorgeous Chocolate Spaniel, who of course took an instant shine to Dylan. Don’t they all!

Aslan, the Leonberger looked most put out!

The trainer was in no mood for such puppy shenanigans though. It was straight down to business. And that business was practising sit and stay.

None of the puppies could sit and stay for the required minute.

Hell Dylan didn’t even sit. Hell Dylan didn’t even acknowledge me. Hell Dylan was bouncing around like Tigger.

Finally she…

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