We’re having a Christmas break……

For the first time since we moved here we have actually finished work for Christmas. You know, a bit like that ‘ Friday Night’ feeling when work is over for the week and you ‘crack open’ a beer ( or in my case pour a glass of wine) we finished work last night and sat on the sofa and did just that; and it felt good, it felt as if we are finally ‘living a normal’, structured life.

I am now sitting in bed on a Saturday morning drinking my tea and pondering the week ahead, not least the day ahead. I have a few final things to get from the supermarket; we are having a simple Christmas with turkey, big sausages wrapped in bacon with honey and whole grain mustard poured over them, Brussel sprouts sautéed with smoked lardons (my favourite), roast potatoes and parsnips, assorted veg, Yorkshire puddings, and stuffing (and trust me that’s toned down from what I cooked in England!). We’re not doing presents, our gift will be watching the dogs play with their new toys.

When I get back today I am helping Rich cut logs and, yes you’ve guessed it! I will be log splitting! Tonight we are out for Rich’s ‘works Christmas do’ and it feels weird to be able to say that, but oh so good! I will even pull our some of my glamorous jewellery to wear!

Tomorrow I am cleaning the bedrooms, ironing and, you guessed it, log splitting! It’s all part of rural living.

On Monday it will be the final countdown, which means I change my bedding (there is nothing like a clean bed) and moving furniture to accommodate a record player (yes we can play our vinyl!) that we were gifted, and then we are off to a shindig with some friends.

Then we have the big day, for us it will be a relaxed day of snuggling, late dinner on our laps (we are totally chilling it down) and tv. late in the night I will make cold turkey sandwiches with pickles.

On boxing day (which they don’t celebrate in France) we are off to another get together, a buffet lunch at a dear friends.

I am really looking forward to this Christmas with new friends, it will be a simple Christmas full of it’s real meaning: spending time with good people and those you love, only this time it will be the new friends we have made on our adventure. As I write this I realise that is our Christmas gift.

Have a good weekend folks, look out for more posts.




  1. Okay, okay, okay, I see the way things work here: in order to get any of that feast, one must split logs first. You’re very sneaky in getting that across, Moisy. But okay, if that means the turkey and Yorkshire pudding is available for those who work, I will gladly split logs. Do I know how to split logs? No. But I’ll learn! Love that gorgeous sunrise… – Marty

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    • Marty i will cook you and the lovely one a traditional English roast dinner in france (🤣 there’s an irony there) all day long. Methinks you would enjoy it! No logs will be involved but I think you would enjoy the therapeutic nature of the log splitter! We have been out there today!
      Have a wonderful Holiday, and hugs to you all. As they say in France ‘Bonne Fete)

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