Counting my blessings: Day one

As I have got older I have started to find that we seem to have lost what Christmas is about.

Christmas was originally a pagan festival to celebrate the Winter Solstice, it was just taken over by the Christian faith and Christmas was born. It was meant to be a time for reflection on the year past and to celebrate the small things we have. I really believe have lost that along the way.

So this morning as I sit here drinking my tea in bed (yes it is one of my favourite things when we are not working, and I notice, a place of inspiration lately) I looked at my beautiful boy and came up with an idea: each day until New Years Day, I will post about a small thing I am grateful for. Here is todays…..

My beautiful boy Harley, who we re-homed five years ago, after a relationship breakdown took place. He made us fall in love with the Welsh Terrier, and he is a mummy’s boy. We nearly lost him last year after he ruptured his disc in his back, you can read about it here…

Today this is my blessing: Harley.

I hope that in this time of madness and frenetic rushing about this may inspire some of you to just stop; and reflect; and then join me in sharing your blessings with us by telling us the one small thing that you are counting as a blessing each day over this time of celebrations and gratitude.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a good Christmas Eve folks.




  1. Our blessing is hearing from our young adult daughter, and knowing that she is happy and healthy and safe, albeit on the other side of the world. Also grateful for my loving husband who put soft twinkle lights up inside our window panes!
    Very Merry Christmas to you and Rich, and to all your friends and readers.

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