All things that twinkle

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love things that catch the light, and things that twinkle and sparkle. I was a magpie in another life!

When we lived in England and we had careers that afforded us to buy non essentials every year I would be down the Christmas decoration aisle of any shop like a jack rabbit! So over the years I gleaned quite a collection.

Then we tried branching out into handmade and now I have those to add to my collection.

I used to love Christmas but now, not so much (the reasons behind that for another blog). But I do still love putting my Christmas decorations up.

Because of my extensive collection I can change the design every year from all crystal last year to an introduction of red this year. I enjoy it. In fact it is my biggest enjoyment of the season.

With the addition of my French Antique Buffet (from a French charity shop for silly silly money) in my living room I have been able to go mad with garlands, the addition of the vintage and my collection of cherubs and I am in my element. Next year it will be painted white and will be quite stunning.

Poor RD once finished I then sit looking at the tree instead if the TV, and constantly get up and rearrange it. Just my little bit of OCD.

Small things.




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