Winter sunshine

I get to a point around this time if year, it’s like ‘no-mans land’, a ‘waiting time’, for this year to end and the new one to start. I start to feel lethargic because my sleep patterns have been disrupted, and more often than not it takes a while for them to settle back down. Well not this year, from tomorrow we are setting our alarm and slowly it will get earlier and earlier. For some reason I feel an urge to do things, I just don’t know what they will be yet.

So I am writing this in the garden, on a crisp, sunny December afternoon. The birds are chattering, the puppies are running around, and RD and I are enjoying an early glass of red wine.

I persuaded RD out here, I feel acutely aware of how it us so easy to just hibernate indoors at this time of year, when every season has something to offer, and we should always embrace it.

I also realised how much I like solitude now, just surrounded by nature.




    • Oh so much Marty. It’s one of the biggest lessons I have learned: you cannot have everything. To some it appears that people do have everything but they never do. I have things that people search all their life for, and I am blessed.❤️❤️♥️


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