New Life

As some of you might have guessed my dear old Mil Mol’s passing had left me with writers block on both my blogs. I needed some time to just allow things to be.

I have thought for a while that we were going to have an early Spring; the clematis in our garden are sprouting new leaves in anticipation of summer, and even in late December I noticed that the primroses were coming up early, and as I walked around our garden I could feel that Spring was just on the cusp, as if she was standing behind me waiting to step into view.

Today it is sunny and cold, with the temperature not rising above six degrees, but the sunshine is warm, and has heat in it, reaffirming that new beginnings are on their way. And as if to underline all that I felt, as I was driving home today a hare ran across my path. As you know from previous posts I love hares. I will take it as a good omen that prosperity is on it’s way and that there will be rebirth.

Hares also serve as a reminder to trust your instinct and know your worth. I shouldn’t be surprised given that today I asked life to give me some indications re something we are deliberating over;it sent a Hare to remind us of the lesson we learned: knowing our worth.

Molly dying made me stop and think, as I believe death should: it should be a catalyst to make you reassess. I haven’t done any of the journal writing I said I would in my previous post. I know I must, I know I want to, and given that a hare is often a symbol sent to you to make you stop and reflect, then clearly life is trying to tell me something.

I love France, and most things French, but this is not my last adventure, I know that.

I should go and write my journal now, the hoovering can wait!




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