A retrospective blog: Going Home….

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I have been back home for ten days, with intermittent internet access (good old France) and I had written this blog on the boat coming home ready to share. I thought I would share with you all now, with more to come…..

‘I am sitting on the boat as I write this, half way back to France.

The fates have been kind to me and the fifty five kilometre winds have abated; and whilst the boat is rolling, the sea is generally okay, but I am writing this to take my mind off the hovering feeling of nausea and how cold my feet are! I am excited to be going home and at the moment that is the only thing keeping me warm. I am so pleased that I rescued my gloves back out from my bag of winter clothes that have been left back in Jersey until they can be ferried home another time.

But what a journey it has been so far: the sun is shining and shimmering on the waves, the winds are light and as the little boat chug, chug, chugs, plowing through the waves, nature and the vastness of the sea and sky never ceases to remind me of how insignificant we are.

There is something about the expanse of sea and sky that always grounds me.

I am going home….




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