Absence makes the heart grow fonder

When I first got home the peacefulness of where we live came over me like a wave. It was not lost on me how blessed we are to live here. The birdsong that surrounds us, and the rolling hills.

Then I walked into the kitchen and saw all the hard work that RD had done painting the whole kitchen white (five coats on the ceiling! One of RD’s characteristics is tenacity, no doubting that!) what hit me was the size of my kitchen. I had not realised it was that big!

I love my home, but I have learnt that home is wherever you make it. So enjoying where I am right now, and counting my blessings in the here and now.

More to come ….




    • That will be because I meant tenacity! 🤣😂 Think limpet, he won’t give up. It’s one if the qualities he acquired after ‘the war’, and I love him all the more for it. Thanks Kev, I will change it. ❤️


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