Simple Things at Difficult Times

You may have all guessed that I’m away from home again, only this time I do have the internet but only my phone to write with.

So at these difficult times (I was supposed to be going home on Friday, but I am now delayed a week) I thought I would share with you something that has made me smile.

The client I am with loves the birds that visit the garden. Today I am sitting in the garden room just watching them happily take a bath. Lots of little sparrows, splashing around without a care in the world. Like a bird lido in the late summer sunshine.

I hope this simple thing makes you just step out from all the crap and smile too.




  1. That’s what I do every morning, Mois. In the conservatory with a cup ot tea and watch the birds on the feeder for half an hour, before getting ready for the day and work. Love to you both. Xxxx

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  2. I’m so conditioned to first scrolling through your posts to look at all the beautiful pictures before reading, that this time I asked myself, “Why is she showing off that pillow so much?” 🙂 So glad I read the posts too! What a nice, peaceful view you have there of the birds. – Marty

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  3. Oh, very sweet. We were just watching some tiny sparrows taking “sand baths” in the park here yesterday, under a café table. They did seem to be having so much fun. Hope you can get back home again soon.

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