Poignant Times: No Going Back ….


So here it is. Our house in all her glory, now for sale on the internet and generating a lot of interest.

Why wouldn’t it? The location of our house is second to none, set amidst the rolling valleys of the Parc Normandie, at the very end of a dead end road, with no traffic.

God she is going to be hard to replace (a small tear came to my eyes then.)

But as I am writing this I know that selling up and moving is the right thing to do. I cannot be away from my family constantly on a long term basis, and I will have been away this time for weeks. Albeit with a fabulous client.

Even in paradise we all need money to live.

Over the five years I have been writing this blog I have written about change so often, and how we should not fear it, because it is the only constant we have. So I know this change is right for us, using all we have learned from this adventure to enhance the next one.

And boy! Have we learned a lot!

But I know that with my current job I will only have six weeks at home for the remainder of the year, and for me that is too long away from the ones I love. I also believe that life is too short.

I know that there is a high probability that this is the last summer in this beautiful place. That when I left last time would be the last time I saw the bales of hay waiting for collection from my bedroom window.

That it will be the last time we will sit in the late sunshine, drinking wine and watching the swifts teach their babies to catch the insects in the evening air.

So when I go home I am going to enjoy every sunny evening for the two weeks I am home. I am going to cherish that ‘here and now’. I will catch the sunrises…

and I will raise a glass to the sunsets.

And I will remind myself that Ireland will offer me more of the same, only different.

Poignant Times




  1. Beautiful post and an excellent listing advertisement. I’m betting you will have multiple offers thanks to all the work you two have put into the property, its location, and your decor. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that bedroom with a view over the hay fields?

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      • Honey,
        I recently sold my house, the 1st couple through the door bought it, like your home I put all the love and care into it, they feel it too.
        Good luck and stay focus on the wonderful next chapter. Xx


      • Thank you Gina, that’s lovely of you. I wrote a while ago that I realised as part of this adventure that a house is not a home (to quote Luther) it is the people who make it a home. I think it’s the poignancy that this was our dream, and now this is ending. But as you say, we have a new dream now. More posts today. It’s great to be back in touch ❣❣


  2. “Even in paradise we all need money to live.</i" You sure got that one right. My wife and I say that nearly every week at some point! I will miss those beautiful pictures, but I'm sure you'll find new vistas that are just as dramatic in their own way. The house shows really nice in that real estate ad, btw! – Marty

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