A different Day of The Dead in France. The French have had enough…

On Friday France went back into total lockdown. It’s more organised than the first, meaning Marie’s and official offices are open, but it also means that non-essential businesses have had to shut. (Or what are deemed non-essential, not quite sure who makes that decision! )

I am forever grateful that I chose to give up my job when I did, because the possibility of me being trapped on the Illes de Manche (Islands in the Sea) was great. I can’t afford that now when we are selling up.

I was going to update on the move, but in fact I am going to write about my local community and the current mood in France due to the second lockdown.

The 1st of November is La Toussaint, All Saints Day, and it is a bank holiday because it is taken so seriously. The French take chrysanthemums to the graveyards as a gesture of thanks to those they have lost. It is a revered day, but today the French are united in protesting against the second lockdown and its implications. (I would say for France but it is across the world.) Today they are mourning the loss of all they believe in… Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

This is a Facebook post from today, posted by our dog groomer. Because the second lockdown was imposed so suddenly she worked from 7am until midnight on Thursday. Now she does not know when, or if, she will re-open. She shared photos of the protest that is currently taking place in Mayenne, on this revered day, on a Sunday, by all the small traders such as her, and by the shops that are classed as ‘non-essential.’ In fact as I write this social media is reporting that it is spreading to all towns across the region.

Choosing to do this on this day is a clear indication of the French mood. This time they have placed the wreath and chrysanthemums to mourn the loss of commerce and equality in France. To mourn the loss of freedom.

The French have had enough. It is safe to say that Macron will not get in again. The French people are resilient people, especially in the vast areas of countryside such as here. They do not believe that ‘lockdown’s’ work, and I agree with them.

I have not written a lot about this Pandemic, I did share Kev’s Post , which so many people were too afraid to read (I know frightening to believe we are being controlled. But we are.) I find it more frightening that people are allowing their fear to prevent them from seeing what is clearly in plain site. Some may want to listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIHoNT_PklY&feature=share

Others, of course may not.

But now I am showing solidarity with my host country, with people worldwide who are losing their livelihoods, their homes, unable to feed their children, let alone themselves.

Fight Against the Unfair Competition

If you look at the plaque on the bottom of the wreath it says that it is to mark the death of commerce. That is what the French are mourning today, and I mourn with them.

I am sharing the story of the protest in the small town of Mayenne about the handling of this pandemic, in the hope that others will start to protest, will start to question why you can go into a pub but can’t drink alcohol (Scotland). Why you can go into a shop and buy food but you can’t buy clothes (Wales). Why you all have to be home by 9pm. Why? Can’t you catch the virus before then? In fact the French are calling the virus The Vampire Virus, because it only comes out at night! Or let’s talk about masks, for all the ‘you should wear a mask vigilantes out there’ because they’ve really worked haven’t they?

I am questioning why we have to protect the NHS when people are dying of cancer, due to cancelled appointments, undiagnosed conditions, and so much more. Do you really believe that cancelling chemo for a cancer patient is to save their life and stop them from dying from Covid? So they can die of cancer instead then? Then they can be added to the stats for all those who have died. It’s a disgrace.

I am questioning why some people think it’s okay (in their naive little world) to say that feeding children is the responsibility of the parent. Is that the parent who works in a pub, or has just lost their job, who was a flight attendant or cabin crew. God forbid we should have any sympathy for children of drug addicts, or alcoholics, or disabled people whose benefits have been cut! You might be picking up I am not into the ‘I’m alright Jack!’ Mentality.

It is time to consider, no matter how frightening, how huge the impact of economics is. The people who have lost their jobs will not be able to buy the things they used to buy, thereby impacting on other peoples jobs when they see a reduction for the need of their services. Mental health problems will increase, meaning a surge of acute health problems, because it is recognised that mental health has the greatest impact on physical health. What will happen to the NHS then?

Just some things to think about. I have been tested many times, and to date have not caught the virus, but if I do, I do. I would of course isolate from others and use my common sense, unlike some of our leaders across the world! And yes I may die, but I still count freedom and liberty as more important than protecting me when I could get run over tomorrow.

If you read the history of Pandemics, the second wave was inevitable, and herd immunity is crucial. If you don’t want to read up on it, because you are afraid this may frighten you more.

I ask the question: What’s the plan for when we come out of this lockdown?

Vive La France




  1. Great message Moisie. At the moment, we’re still swimming against the tide. But more people are coming around. Where is the proof that lockdowns work in any way? Without that, why would anyone buy into the narrative? That’s the elephant in the room. Maybe it’s trunk is showing through. When it’s face and the big floppy ears show through, the tide will turn faster. x

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    • Thanks Kev, I can’t not say anything any more, I will probably blog about why. I have noticed that more and more are questioning, but how much damage will be done? People’s blindness is what is scaring me the most

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  2. I guess if everyone was careful and wore masks and didn’t touch their faces, etc., the lockdowns probably wouldn’t be necessary. A certain amount of people would probably get sick, but hopefully not many, and livelihoods could still be alive and well. I want to say yeah, let’s open things up again, but do I want to sacrifice my husband, who has an underlying condition? How many of us are willing to throw ourselves on the sword to test the herd immunity idea? And I also thought that had pretty much failed miserably in one of the Norwegian countries. I mean, some things make absolutely no sense at all, like what you say above about pubs are open but no alcohol, no buying clothes, and people with cancer being shunted aside. Ridiculous. Being in at 9 possibly has to do with diminishing prospects of shenanigans and looters. But still…the majority of folks aren’5 interested in looting, obviously. So…there’s a conundrum, right? What do we do? Just throw the dice? Before there’s any medical protection against dying and/or suffering long-term internal damage for years, possibly the rest of your life? The contradictory messages and instructions ARE confusing and psychologically destabilizing. But we’ve never been in a place like this before………

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    • I understand that everyone has differing opinions, but I would be prepared to ‘throw myself on the sword’. Sweden dud follow the route of social distancing and they have been pretty successful and, at present have no second wave. There’s a good link here https://www.thelocal.se/20201016/is-it-right-to-say-sweden-is-still-not-experiencing-a-second-wave-of-the-coronavirus. I understand that those with underlying health conditions, if they want to be. I have recently worked for someone with serious underlying health conditions, but she was also elderly and would rather have took her chances and been able to see her family. I just don’t think that the decisions made should be sweeping, they should also be measured and people should be listened to. As you have said there is too much ‘unknown’ we can’t keep shutting everything down, there has to be a better way. ❤️

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  3. Yeah, measured decisions, while taking various situations under consideration and adjusting, listening to what people have to say and offer makes undeniable sense. If unrest continues due to a lack of alterations and adjustments, it won’t be pretty. Then the powers that be may regret their stance. But one can’t underestimate the drive to survive, the instinct to hold on to life. I guess fear is instinctual because many of us just never think about death on a day-to-day basis, you know?

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    • Yeah, I totally get that. I just wish people would understand perspective, some people are behaving in such a way, but have never seemed to consider they could die every time they get in a car, or a plane, or could catch the flu, or sepsis…..perhaps because I’ve worked in a healthcare background I just think, like Kev, the stats don’t add up. On a different subject, terrible what’s happening re the election. ♥️


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