On the Boat to A New Adventure in Ireland

I wrote this blog on New year’s eve, but the dreaded internet got in the way. I thought it was appropriate to say a final farewell to France. Of course I am now writing this in Ireland, but this is the final farewell. There will be a flurry of posts this week, so much to write about…..


So we did it! I suppose if you’ve done it once it gets easier. We said goodbye to France due to arrive in Ireland at 3.30pm Greenwich meantime.

View from Deck

I have limited internet, so here are some photos of Ambrieres les vallees on our last day there. It was a very pretty town, and affluent, as indicated by the Marie’s office. But despite its affluence the town was still struggling to survive, as were many in France.

Enjoy the photos more to come from Ireland

Ambrieres les vallees, taken from the town that’s cut into the rocks
I fell in love with this weir and little bridge
The weir
The Marie’s Office in Ambrieres les vallees




  1. Hope you are nice and settled after such a long boat journey, I think I would have been ill. When choosing your new home make sure your not far from an airport! 😂❤️❤️❤️😘

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