Life In Limbo – We Are Getting Restless

Dunmore in Beautiful Donegal Ireland

RD and I are getting restless. Ever the home-makers after twelve weeks of living in our rental we want to move on into our own house and start to build our lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for this lovely little cottage we are renting. The landlord is so lovely, and the crofters around us have been so welcoming and friendly. But it’s not our home, and with our things still in France I have tried to make it as homely as possible buying some things we will need for our new house and using them here. I love our pretty crystal lights, currently on our bedside tables, but probably destined for our new living room.

Having always been a homebody there is of course nothing like a cushion or throw. The animals love them too…

Kittens on our day ed in Montaigu
Wiglet in her old French Antique Cot, it didn’t make the move to Ireland.

Sadly most of my cushions are in France, and some didn’t make the move, so I brought some throws and cushions with us, as many as I could shove under the dogs without their heads touching the roof of the van! Knowing we will need some more I bought some from trusty Ikea, and I have made the living room as much our own as I could.

But it’s not home, no cherubs, no pretty curtains, no bed with crystals or little stars, no vintage French mirrors.

As those that read my blog know the views here have been nothing but breathtaking, and we count our blessings for the opportunity to live here.

But before we moved here we used the lessons we had learnt: in not letting our hearts run away with us, and we drew up a list of our ‘idyll’ for where we wanted to live. With one of the biggest things being that we didn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere. We need to work, we want to work, we have realised that we don’t want to retire, yet, so we need to be nearer to where work is available. We also wanted to be near amenities, but still in the peace of the countryside; where we are now is literally at the tip of a little peninsula, surrounded by sea with a fifteen minute drive just to get out onto the main road, stunningly beautiful, but also remote. There is always a compromise.

All of that has served to re-enforce that we want to be near to a community, including shops, pubs (of course!) and a hub.

Carrickfin Beach and Donegal Airport.

Look at the picture above and you will see a small road on the right hugging the coastline, follow that road up into the outcrop and we currently live at the very end of that little outcrop on the left, literally right by the sea. You cannot even see the house we are so far out. It really is a spectacular place to be, and for a short stay or holiday I personally don’t think it could be beaten. But to get to any main town to work you have to drive almost an hour and a half up through the mountains, so it is impacting on finding work because once our current address is seen we would probably be excluded due to the journey. (Although I think that may be life trying to tell us something.)

Add to all of this that we are surrounded by houses on all sides, as is normal with crofts, it also means that there are other dogs all around us and Wiglet is constantly on a state of high alert. She had a bad start in life, put in a pound with other dogs who beat the crap out of her, so being able to see other dogs in our garden from all angles is her idea of a nightmare. We are stressed because she is stressed and we need to de-stress her.

Wiglet and her Wonky Smile

Poor Harley has constantly been on a lead when we take him out for nearly four months and we can see that he is depressed, which is hardly surprising given that he had the run of an acre of land in Montaigu

Harley, Waiting Patiently

So it’s time to move and things are on their way, more to come……



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  1. Ah yes, trusty Ikea. I keep thinking at some point I’m going to “graduate” from that store, but it’s amazing how even in our now-ostensibly settled home we keep returning to it. I should stop fighting and just embrace it already! The aerial shot does really give us a view to how beautiful it is where you guys are now living, Moise. But you indeed make a case that you’ll need to find something more suitable. I look forward to that adventure! – Marty

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