A recent post from a blog I love……………. 299. Freedom tickets

This is a blog I love, he has the courage to say what he thinks. Such a rare thing in this day and age. So here is a quote from it…

‘It is difficult to be optimistic when intelligent friends say that they lack ‘permission’ to travel more than 5 miles for a walk, or that the most destructive British public policies of the past century that also trample on inalienable human rights are somehow worth getting behind. And when the Labour Party that I once voted for bends over and gives the Tories a free pass.’

Pretty much sums it up for me. All I have ever asked is that people ‘think’. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, or so I thought, when did that change?

What do I take from this pandemic? I will be stepping away from some, for my own sanity.

Parts of the BBC have been pumping out streams of dung for years. One of the worst elements is the virtue-signalling and persuasion inserted slyly …

299. Freedom tickets


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