No Internet Means Some Things Grind To A Halt

Our Very Own Telegraph Pole

We thought we had it all set up, we thought we had it all arranged: we would move into our house on the Saturday and the man was coming to sort the Internet on Monday. We can do that we thought, we can cope in this 4G black hole for two days. But things never work out like that do they?

The Pole Across the Road

On said Monday along came the ‘Internet Man’, as we unofficially entitled him. In he came with just a clipboard and happily informed us the we could not have wire from the pole across the road coming across said road to our bungalow because our bungalow was too low!? Personally I thought that was de-rigueur (see I did learn some French on my French adventure) for bungalows, but who was I to argue. I could however see his point that if a large tractor trundled past it would take our internet cable off down the road to the cows, who would have no use for it at all.

We did suggest that he take it to the Chimney, but it appears you cannot attach things to the chimney now, because the men are not allowed to work at height! It appears that telegraph poles are not high, but chimneys on bungalows are. Is it me?

The Telegraph Pole Disguised As A Tree

Then he looked across our paddock, which is virtually inaccessible at the moment, the cats are loving their freedom from the Welshies as they are the only ones able to make their way through it, much to the distress of the local mice.

Diddies and Daisy in the paddock

After studying the pole he decided that RD would have to climb the trees and trim them before he could put a wire from that to our said bungalow. Now there lay a problem, as I have mentioned in previous blogs we have none of our stuff from France, by that I mean no ladders, no saws, no tools, so cutting down branches from that height was going to prove a problem. At that point The Internet Man took pity, and promptly ordered us our very own pole, which is now safely planted in our garden, see my first picture.

So it’s been difficult. Although I tried to blog we are in a 4G black hole, and it proved impossible. I think it’s something to do with the beautiful hills and mountains in which we are settled!

The View From Our Front Garden

I have to say that they were amazingly quick and two weeks later normal service was resumed, pole and all! A big difference to France, where we had to wait seven weeks until they fixed our line when our internet was blown out in winter storms.

So I’m back now, and my urge to write is in fact overwhelming. I have missed it, but we have been busy, and I have lots to share.

In the meantime I think Wiglet is happy.

Wiglet, Also Known As The Princess And The Pea, As She Does Love To Lie On A Bed Of Pillows. Think It’s Safe To Say She Loves Our New Bed!

Moisy (also known as Rosie)



  1. Good to hear that all is well, and we will benefit from more of your adventures! I got a big laugh out of the chimney being too tall for the men to work on, but not the poles!

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  2. What a riot! Your second paragraph cracked me up, Moise, de-rigueurs, cows with electronic lines and all. 🙂 Congrats on finding both a picky and sympathetic cable man. At least he had a heart and found a solution for you. I hope your phone reception is at least good enough for conversations if not blog posts! – Marty

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