Adventures in the Irish Countryside

Sloughan Waterfalls

Four days a week I whizz off to work in my little car, mainly through Northern Ireland and the County of Tyrone. Part of that journey takes me through the pretty little town of Drumquin. It reminds me of France in some ways, with it’s layout and pretty coloured houses and shops.


There are two extremely sharp bends into the town, one as you enter it, one as you leave it, and as I was going home one night I noticed a sign for Sloughan Glen and Waterfalls. It is literally twenty minutes from our home.

We promised ourselves that this time, this adventure would be different, and we would take the time and visit places in Ireland. There are many places to visit believe me. I could never leave this little Ireland for the rest of my days and still be left with places to see.

Our life here is very different to France, where we struggled for every cent, and couldn’t visit as many places as we would have liked. In fact reflecting back on our time there we were just existing for most of the time.

Now I have a job and that makes all the difference in the world, although we still have things to sort out so visiting places that need overnight stays will be put off until the end of the year.

We learned our lessons well.

So because my work is closed for the week I have four days for us. We’ve done some things that need doing round the house, and of course, as promised, I have blogged every day. But tomorrow we are going to Drumquin to visit the waterfall and glen, with the puppies in tow of course. We all know how Harley loves a glen, as do I.

Harley Waiting for his next Adventure

I am loving this adventure, despite some things in the background, and where they’re concerned I know that ‘life’ will show us the way.

More of that to come…..



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