Misty Mornings, changing seasons, life changes..

Today’s Sunrise in Ireland

Autumn has been subtly creeping in over the past few weeks. With misty mornings made all the more magical by the spider’s webs that are springing up everywhere, as if a demented Miss Haversham has been out and about at sunrise.  But they look stunning as they shimmer with morning dew. The spiders last attempts to make the most of the abundance of insects that summer brings, to stock up for winter before it’s too late.

Misty Autumn Mornings in Ireland

It’s our first Autumn in Ireland and whilst I am looking forward to what she brings it is with trepidation, because with every new season there is less time that we will have with our beloved Welshie Wiglet.


RD said at the weekend ‘I wonder what winter will be like here’ and I replied that I too was excited about seeing the seasons in another country, our third to date. But I said that I am afraid to wonder, because it may well be a new winter for us in more ways than we could have ever, and never would have imagined when we first arrived here nine months ago today.

RD understood. This life lesson, one of the hardest we all endure, has really brought it home to us about living in the moment. 

Misty Irish Autumn Mornings

As always the sunrises have been amazing, and I get to see them because I am up so early for work. Over the weekend we had some lie-ins, but I began to have this gut feeling that I was wasting the day, wasting what life had to offer, and missing out on so much I could see before life changed. As always  life again sent me a message in the form of a Rumi quote:

It resonated with me, so today I got up at 5.30am instead of my normal 6.00, and I was treated to this….

Autumn Sunrises Ireland

I took these photos and began my normal routine of letting the Welshie’s out, putting the kettle on for tea, and feeding the cats, but every time I looked out of the window the view had changed again until eventually I found myself outside, in my pyjamas taking these photos…

It brought back memories of the many times I was inspired in Montaigu and I again marvelled at the fact that I am now in Ireland taking photos of the sunrise.

Despite all the things that are happening in our life that we have no control over, the morning breeze reminded me that I am still blessed. 

Try this for me: As it is beginning of a new week, and none of us know where we will be by the end of it, count all of the small blessings that come your way, there are so many that you probably don’t even notice, like the morning breeze.



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