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There is a bookshop in my place of work, and because of the nature of the centre’s guiding principles: holistic healing, mind body and spirit, I could happily read over half of the books in it.

So when I first arrived at work I was asked to audit the bookshop. I have so far ended up buying three of the books with more on my list!

The first book that caught my eye was Synchrodestiny by Dr Deepak Chopra, because it asked if I believed in coincidences actually being messages that are sent our way. Of course I do, I believe, truly believe, that ‘Life’ (God, the Universe whatever you want to call it) does give you clues as to where you should be going. Anyone reading this blog will know that, I have blogged so often about how our belief that ‘Life’ Shows The Way PT I was formed during our tough (or should I say formative) years in France.

Now I am not going to lie, this post may well blow some people’s mind, but hey ho. For others it may help them in life. This post is about how, quite simply, what you put out there is what you get. You’re energy, the words you use, is what will come back to you. The self -fulfilling prophecy. And the most amazing thing is, as Einstein has said ‘this is not philosophy, it is physics.’

Here has been our experience since starting to understand this fact:

Wiglet as you all know has cancer, the prognosis is that it is terminal. Now since that tumultuous news in July when the vet sent her home to die, she has continued to respond well to the treatment, continues to run around, is back to being a fizz-bomb, and she is still here over six weeks later. What RD and I noticed however was that during the early days, when we went to the garage to howl in pain at the news, Wiglet was really ill. She couldn’t stand for long, she wasn’t eating, she was lethargic. But on the Saturday after we brought her home we sat in the garden on a hot sunny evening, trying to cope, and we found ourselves laughing at something. We noticed that as soon as we started to laugh Wiglet came out into the garden and proceeded to play with some toys. Slowly, not in her normal way, but play never the less, and we realised that it was our energy she was picking up on. We could keep her with us for longer, by being happy, enjoying the moment, or we could be sad, cry about a future that didn’t exist and lose her. I am confident had we done that she would have been gone by now.

Wiglet investigating The Giant’s Causeway August 2021

Now she runs around like the fizz-bomb she is, she plays with balls, and she is happy. If she picks up for one moment any sadness that does sometimes creep up on us, her tail will drop and she will be lethargic. If I start to sing ‘The Twist’ to her it is as if a button has been pressed, up she jumps tail wagging. My energy gives her energy.

I am not saying it is easy, knowing that you are going to lose a being you love with all your heart, it is at times literally heart-stopping. But here is the other thing that ‘Life’ has taught us: why are we crying about something that does not exist? She is here in the here and now, so why are we crying? We are crying because our lives changed, we are grieving what we had and no-longer have – the cognitive dissonance that our dog would live for fifteen years -don’t they all?

Why do we all do that? We cry about what is going to happen in the future, using up the precious time we have with loved ones here, and now. I know why, fear. Fear creeps in: that fear of that silence in our garden when she is gone. The fear for others, which I have also experienced, that we will never speak to a loved one again. The fear that life is going to change. But d’ya know what? Life is always going to change, every minute of every hour of every day, but your energy can enable you to deal with it your way if you really believe. Why do you think it is never explained why some people with terminal cancer suddenly survive, or why some people walk from car crashes unscathed, even if the car crash should have killed them? Some people have a good deaths, others don’t and it is all about he energy that is created.

That is not to say that Wiglet won’t die, she will, who knows when though. This has also been a lesson in understanding that we are all going to die. Should we all sit around and cry about it now, or just live in the moment? Should we all use our positive energy to actually live, or should we all dwell on the fear and never live our lives at all.

But this post isn’t about Wiglet, or illness or death, it is about life. It is about understanding the life you want to live, it is about understanding the power of your own energy. You have to work at it.

I have lost count of how many times I remind myself that the only moment is now. When I wake up every morning I count my blessings before I even get out of bed, despite the changes in our life. I start the day off with a positive rather than a negative. When shit happens I remind myself that shit is always going to happen. That’s life! There always has to be a balance, you can’t have all good and trust me if you think that other’s have that, you’re wrong. They just don’t let their energy get turned into a negative, they hold on to the positive. Let me give you an example: last week my car wouldn’t start, the battery was flat. We have no jump leads, or charger because they’re all in France. We looked up chargers but something told me to find out the price of a new battery. On impulse I did, and bought one. When RD came to change the battery the old battery was actually totally defunct with acid coming out of it. If we had bought chargers we would have wasted our money and still had to buy a battery. Now I could look at it two ways: the negative ‘why has my battery gone wrong, why has it happened to me?’ or I could look at the positive ‘Thank fuck we bought a new battery because the other one would have gone completely and possibly left me stranded on a remote country road in the winter.’ Now I know my battery will take me though the winter and ‘Life’ had in fact done me a favour. A few days later I got a puncture, it was irreparable. I could have thought ‘Oh for fucks sake why this as well?’ Or I could think ‘I am lucky that I had the money in the bank to replace it, and do you know shit happens. But because there is always a balance something good will come my way.’ I thought both the positives, I didn’t make myself miserable lamenting ‘Life’!

I often ask ‘Life’ to show me the way. Or as Deepak Chopra says in his book a series of coincidences were sent my way: Ever before Wiglet’s diagnosis I was sent to a job where they are all about the whole: Mind, body and spirit. Then life made sure I audited the bookshop and encountered the books I have bought to date: Maya Angelou ‘I know why the caged bird sings’, Deepak Chopre as mentioned, ‘God Doesn’t have Bad Hair Days’, Pam Grout. I have used what I have read where my leg is concerned. It still plays me up occasionally, but nowhere nearly as badly, and on the odd occasion when it does I close my eyes and focus on the fact that my muscle is made up of energy, and the pain subsides. I don’t think about my leg or dwell on it anywhere nearly as much as I was, when I was afraid of when the pain would return, because now I understand that the more I think about it, the more energy I give the pain and the more pain I feel. So I no-longer give it credence.

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I am only just into these books, but my belief has enabled me to have an open mind, and I can see clearly from things that have happened in the last few weeks, that they can make a huge change to my life. Since starting on this path I have sat often looking at things that are mass and struggled with the reality that they are not. But that is the reality.

We are on a new journey, I hope that you will join us.


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  1. Wow Moira, I loved this blog, really got me thinking. I have changed my mindset in so many ways since reading your blogs. Can you give your readers a recommended reading list? I for one would like to read more.
    Totally get it x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mary, I am so pleased. It has changed our life too, it’s not to say things don’t bite us, it’s just that it’s less and we have coping mechanisms 98% of the time to deal with them. I will do a book at the bottom of each pertinent post perhaps, I think I mentioned 3 in this post xxx


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