Letting The Autumn Wind Clear My Mind.

Our Healing Paddock View

Autumn is a fabulous time of year, the colours, the poignancy. For me it is about so much, but the sudden unexpected sunny day, and the windy days are the best.

Today we sat in our ’healing paddock’ for half an hour with the Welshies. We read some Mark Nepo, ‘Thr Book of Awakenings’ and the 26th verse of the Tao, and RD just played ball with the Welshies and blew bubbles for Harley to chase, whilst Wiglet hunted for rodents in the ever increasing pile of crap that we are pulling out of the paddock as we clear it out.

Autumn in Montaigu

I sat looking out across the hills, and thought about Montaigu and understood just how blessed I have been in my life. I watched the proceedings, simply smiling. Shutting my eyes I just let the chilly wind blow through my mind. We are cherishing every moment. I am chilled.

My Welshie babies

We have learned our lessons in France, you don’t need much to have a good life.

A new week I’m going to let nature show me the way.

My 1st Autumn Basket in 7 Years



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