Our Magical, Mystical Irish Garden At Night

Diddies Tree Lit Up At Night

We are both looking forward to the weekend. It is lovely and warm here in Ireland and our twenty – third wedding anniversary on Sunday. We did plan to take the dogs to the beach, but they will be busy and none of us are happier than when we are in our garden, so we have decided to stay put, resist the urge to ‘get some jobs done’ and just chill.

Our Courtyard Garden at Night

Over the summer we have been adding lights to the garden. We live in a magical, mystical place and wanted the garden to feel just as magical and mystical. With various lights in the courtyard and post lights scattered across the paddock, Diddies tree lit up in homage and a total shrine to Wiglet we must not forget the the paw lights, lighting the way…

The only problem is we never seem to get the opportunity to sit out there at night. It is either a week night, or school night, as RD calls it, when we have to have feed ourselves and the animals and be in bed at a reasonable time, like you do when you are our age! Or, it is raining, or has been raining and one of the other joys of Ireland come out – midges! They do like a bit of wet but not so much the hot weather.

But this weekend is set to be glorious so instead of going out we are going to seize the moment and spend the whole weekend sitting (and I emphasise sitting, and not finding jobs to do) in our garden until late. Starting this evening….

I cannot wait……


Wiglets Corner


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