Four Cushions!!!

It’s been hectic with what equates to a nearly 1yr old and 4 month old twins – albeit that they are puppies! So when I started this post these were the four cushions that they had chewed the zips off – all but one were new – rack that up now to eight cushions, three sets of sparkly lights, my zips on my sweatshirts, and the dog bed! Oh and the bottom leg of one of the footstools, the corner of my wooden box, and my phone case – that I love because it reminds me of Diddies who I know in my heart of hearts has turned into a butterfly.

So I thought I would be clever and buy some cushion covers with hidden zips, in fact I opened them slightly and hid a the zip opener inside of of them, this is what I found two hours later! Make that two as I write this!

Now, all of my cushions sit on the small amount of workspace that I have whilst I work, and they get put back when I sit down. Would I have it any other way? No I would not. Because when I sit at my desk and look at this – all coming out to sleep on the bed and be near mummy, it melts my heart. They are babies, naughty ones, but babies never the less.

We also have a stair-gate and at night the naughties, as I now call them, are locked behind it at bedtime to prevent further chewing. Make that were! Luna, the escape artist, found a way over it and perfected the escape routine to a time-frame of about ten seconds. No sooner had RD put her to bed and said good night as she was behind him following him into our bedroom.


After much toing and froing last night we decided to hide everything that could be chewed and let them stay in the living room. They barked intermittently on and off for over an hour and a half! Somehow this morning we ended up with all three dogs in bed with us and the cat asleep on the wardrobe! At least we got a couple of hours sleep that way.

But when you lay there with two tiny puppies snuggling up between you as tight as they can, and the beautiful Elfie, who somehow fits herself into the smallest of gaps; and you here them sigh because they feel safe, it makes you realise that there must be something good about you to make an animal trust you so much.

The Beautiful Elfie

And that in itself is a gift.

Luna and Pixie Snuggling Whilst Mummy Works

Another pack of cushion covers is arriving today!




  1. How could anyone not love them? When I was away the other weekend, the cat got in my room and used the spines of some albums as a scratching post!! Obviously she was forgiven despite me telling her she may be taken back to the rescue centre… I would never do that of course… ♥️♥️


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