Bewitching A New Day

My Witches Ball

Many years ago when we lived in Herne Bay in Kent, RD bought me this witches ball from a witchy shop in the town. I used to love going in there and looking at all the quirky things. I had never heard of a witches ball before but they are still very popular today across the world and treasured in many counties in the UK and also in America.

Witches balls are designed to ward off evil or capture evil spirits. The spirits are attracted by the light reflecting off of the strands of glass in the ball and are captured in the ball as they approach it, protecting the home dwellers from evil that may come their way.

Stupidly, many years ago, I invited evil into our home. I suppose if you do that, a bit like vampires, nothing can protect you – only your own strength. Pretty much like my story.

So I never blamed the witches ball for what happened, and when we moved to Montaigu in France I hung it in the traditional place – in the window. And I do believe that during hooleys , and tornadoes the witches ball helped our lovely old home, Montaigu, in protecting us. All the shit that came our way where people were concerned? Well they were our lessons.

Despite it being very delicate it survived the rummaging through our boxes, that obviously went on when our stuff was stored in a toxic place, until it was rescued by my lovely friend.

When everything came home the witches ball came with it.

It now hangs in our living room window, facing West as tradition dictates, and this morning I was taken aback by how beautiful it looked as the sun rose over the mountains, reflecting both the sun and mountains in its sphere. Ireland is truly an atmospheric place, and I think the witches ball has finally come home.

Small things … small, small things



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