I did have a post to share with you, it’s currently sitting in draft form waiting to be finished, but I felt compelled to write this post to you all first.

I have mentioned before that I truly believe that you should live each day as if it were your last. I will always remember an elderly gentleman that I met in a pub  once on my way to Cornwall(I know shocking and surprising that I  was in a pub, me in a pub? Never!),his wife had just died, and he was totally lost. Standing at the bar looking all dapper he looked at Rich and I, who were going through a rough time, and said “enjoy each day together, nothing is too important to stop you doing that. Don’t wait until it gets better, don’t bear a grudge with each other, today is the day to be happy because there will not be a happy ending if you are in love, because one day one of you will be left behind and the other one will be gone.”This really resonated with me, of course  there will come a time when one of you will no longer be there, and you will wonder then of all the times that you let things, big or small, get in the way of enjoying that time together.

In the last few weeks a lot of famous people have died those who resonated most with me being Alan Rickman, who I adored especially in ‘Truly, madly, deeply’, Glen Frey, I love the Eagles, and last but never least the Starman himself. I am sure that he is truly’ waiting in the sky’ looking down on us all, running around in our ‘lives on Mars.’ I realised that Alan Rickman and David Bowie were just sixty-nine years old, seventeen years older than I am now (sixteen on Monday as it is my birthday), Glen Frey was only sixty-seven.This got me to thinking how important it is to live your life the way you want to live it, grabbing the bull by its horns, and not being afraid to do something, for example me with my writing. Sod it! Do it! What have you got to lose?So someone may say no your no good at that, or things may go wrong, but if you don’t try you will never know and one day it will be too late. If I only live as long as the gentlemen mentioned then I only have at most seventeen years (well sixteen years and three days to be precise) left to live, really live, and by that I mean facing my fears head on.

There are some people who always plan for the future, and I know that there are people that read my blog waiting for when things go wrong. Someone said to me today that they thought that I was brave to show my ‘story’ warts and all. I said at the beginning of my blog this is about telling it like it is.

So hear goes……..To those people who are reading my blog,and there will be some, who are hoping that things go wrong, want to be proved that they we should not have taken the chance, should have stayed “safe”, I would ask you to consider whether you think this because you have stayed “safe” and you want confirmation that this is the right thing to do?Things going wrong for those who have taken a chance will prove to you that you are doing the right thing, being safe, and secretly you will be pleased at this. (I say secretly because there are a lot of people reading this now who are thinking ‘No! people don’t think like that.) Oh but they do. Some do. We have literally had it said to us “don’t come running to me when your bankrupt”. !!!!!!!

I would ask those people to look at themselves and ask themselves, truly, whether they secretly wish that they had been brave enough? Whether they are waiting for their happy ending, and when that is going to come along? Or more succinctly are you happy?

To those people who read my blog because it inspires them, makes them think, I say thank you. That is what I set out to do. Keep thinking, make change, which can be something small like just waking up each day and counting what you have, instead of what you don’t have, or something big like challenging the bully at work, or in your group of friends, or on the internet!! (Yes we know that there a quite a few out there);   Or asking  yourself where do I want to be in five years time? Or in my case’what do I really want to do’ and will I regret it in seventeen years (or sixteen years and three days) time if I don’t do it?

I am not going to lie that this month has been tough, as well as the cold, there is little work in France in January, although we are getting by. We have both felt overwhelmed at times thinking what do we do first, and where are we going to get the money from to do it. But we knew that the first year would be tough, we knew that it would be a steep learning curve, and despite it all we don’t regret taking the chance and living our life as if someone had left the gate open. Who knows what this year will bring.

So I would like to say a big thank you to  all of the people that I know follow this blog and give me such fantastic feedback. But I need to ask a favour, if you could please place your feedback on the blog site this would be great, as it will be seen by all and it is so fantastic I want it to be seen, it will help me when moving forward in my writing career and enable and encourage in increase in followers, if you could also share with others I will love you forever (sort of)!

I would welcome your support.

I also want to say a special thank you to the person who said that they thought I was brave, it encouraged me to write this blog.

Look out for my next blog, as so far this year has brought some crap, but some really good stuff too.