Summer went out with a bang – a tornado bang in fact!!

So after my last post, when I said how wonderful it was celebrating summer with our friends, under the shelter of our gazebo, with it’s pretty lights, and all the candles lit……


…… is what is left  of it this morning:



A tornado hit Ambrieres last night, just after we had gone to bed. Storms had been forecast but not a tornado! I was just drifting off to sleep when it hit, we had the window opened and it was so powerful that as I was closing our shutters the debris was hitting Rich. Our kitchen roof, which you may remember from an earlier post when it was hit by hurricane Katie, has very, very large holes in it now; we are still waiting for Allianz to resolve our claim from last time, so I feel a complaint may be coming on!!! Poor Rich will have to do a temporary repair, but luckily has been working with a roofer and has learned a lot, bless him, I just want the insurance company to get on with it now.

My trees that were either side of the door were on the other side of the patio,and most of my pots had been blown over, or in some cases other places in the garden.

Our trees really took the hit, especially our beautiful silver birch, which has basically been ripped in two.



I posted before about how blessed I felt to have my washing line tied between two majestic trees, this tree and one of my old oaks, but she has been severely wounded and lost some of her majesty now.


Our walnut tree has been badly affected and is all over the garden, along with all of our walnuts!!! No walnuts for us this year. You can also see that my lovely geranium is no longer on its cherb, but did survive and is currently residing on the windowsill.



The tiny cherry tree down the Chenin has gone, along with large parts of the crab apple tree that I showed you when it was in bloom in the spring. She’s still standing, just!!



Even our oak, that is over three hundred years old took a hit


The Chenin has trees ripped down and across it, we can’t get up there for now, and as you can see Harley’s paddling pool took a hit along with our loungers, my other pink lounger is amongst the debris of the gazebo.



I was going to post about recent Chabby chic acquisitions, and renovations, I have been carrying out, but sorry folks, we have so much cleaning up to do that will have to wait for another day. And to just add to it we had two cords of wood  today, that we have just spent three hours stacking in the barn!!!!!


But I count my blessings,it could have been worse, our poor neighbours, their children’s trampoline is embedded in their house!!

Look out for more posts folks, I have to go I have a stack of cleaning up to do, not least the debris in my kitchen that blew in through the cat flap!

Hey ho, it’s all part of the adventure.

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  1. Oh my! That’s so sad to see when I still have memories of sitting out there in the evening heat enjoying dinner and talking with everyone. Glad to hear you all came through it OK and hope all the furry friends were inside at the time! Such a shame about the trees but I’m sure they’ll fight back. Love to you both C xx

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