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twinkle stars


So this week the same person (I would say bitch but I don’t want to give their sex away!!) who told me my Etsy shop was ‘crap’ told me that I was delusional and should stop writing my blog because it doesn’t make me money! Should I?

I want to write; I  have been told by many that I am a good writer, that I  have a way with words, that my words are ‘beautiful’; and having sent my book off to one publisher I know that I need to have a media presence, and that is what I have been working on over the past few weeks, relentlessly.

I have also been building a media presence for my shop, mainly because I need to build it and raise it’s profile, so as a result I did not do as many blogs last week as I should have done. But now I have been told that I am ‘delusional’ and ‘need to focus on what makes money’ my strong personality kicks in and I think f**k you!

So today I will be finishing my book for my ‘friend in the  know’ to read in it’s entirety, and then I will be sending it off to other publishers, because do you know what? Delusional or not, I do know that if I don’t do it I will never ‘make money’ from it! But more importantly, for me, I will not help people who are finding themselves in a situation we were in ten years ago, and who just don’t know what to do. Contrary to some people I do not believe that life is ‘all about making money.’

In addition I will continue with my blog because my reader content is going up all the time, and I love that people all over the world from Canada and America to Australia and Malaysia read my blog; I adore it when people react to it, when it touches a nerve for them, when it makes them cry because they can relate. What better compliment can a writer have to have touched an emotion?

I will look into advertising on it (or perhaps I won’t) and I will write because I want to. Good old ‘Delusional me’!!

Why am I writing this? Because when you go on an adventure like this, unless you have a massive pension, or pot of savings to take with you, you have to believe that things will work out. If you don’t you are lost. This negative person, is like J.K. Rowling’s characters in Harry Potter;  a Dementor, in that they suck all of the life out of you because they are not happy so they do not want anyone else to be.

If you are on an adventure take my advice, stay away from that crap because they will have you stop believing in a heartbeat. Do they read this, ‘no’ they advised me, they ‘do not read my blog,’ so how would they know or understand what it is about?

Do I feel better for saying this? Yes I do! I bit my tongue for too long, f**k i!! t I am not doing it any longer. If they read this post my message to them is that you said it, if you are offended ‘Suck it up!’

This morning I got up and my best friend had sent me a message through messenger saying ‘Believe’ with this underneath


She know’s me well, I am stubborn when you push me. So here I am writing my blog, being delusional!

But really folks, especially those who want the adventure, my message to you is that you will never do it if you think about all the ‘what ifs’, and trust me all the people who too afraid to do the adventure will have  you believing the ‘what ifs’ in a heartbeat to keep you in your place.

For those on the adventure with us, and I know there are many who are finding it hard for whatever reasonm the same friend sent me this later today…….


And I will.

So here are some pictures of our new venture – I have always loved interior design and rustic, and original, so we are now making wooden ornaments for the home and garden #made with  love in our barn in France # a star is for life not just for Christmas.

*(Oops apologies for those I traumatised when I missed the ‘with’ out and implied we had been making love in our barn!! Have corrected now!!)*

We have our first order already, it is currently drying in my kitchen waiting for more decoration…..


If you would like to visit my shop petiteFrenchfancies I have included a link just click on the word …….petiteFrenchfancies

Then just now, as I always believe that ‘life show’s you the way’, a message popped up in messenger from an old friend in England who used to be my boss, and always believed in me, and in the message she said ‘how are you? Still fabulous I see.’ Wonderful!!

It is the small things, always better to be positive than negative (although the same person told me once that I was ‘too positive’! And as I am writing this I realise that I have to step away from that crap!!!) a positive word can do so much more, a negative word is only said to destroy something, there can be no other outcome.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, because, trust me, I enjoyed writing it! Rich’s new name for me is ‘Delusional Moisy’ !!! Let’s all be delusional together and ignore the others!!!

Another post tomorrow folks – no stopping me now – a witchy poo cook recipe as requested for my Sweet Chillie Sauce and Mexican Chicken.


Moisy xxxx