Never under-estimate the power of positivity



imageFirstly I want to thank each and every person who took the time to comment on my last post, both directly to my blog, and on Facebook. The positive comments that I received were overwhelming and your positivity then generated a sale of an item on my Etsy shop – I truly believe that.

But it did not stop there, yesterday a lady posted an adapted poem onto a Facebook site over here called ‘living and renovating in France’  and it was truly brilliant; so much so that it made me cry because it highlighted how hard it can be; and right now Rich and I are finding it hard. Our work has all but completely dried up and we are looking at a winter where we do not know where income will come from. As most of you know I believe in the Tao and that if you keep your mind open things will come your way; but right now, after working so hard all summer we are again faced with the prospect of little or no income; and we are, now, seriously considering the way forward if we are to remain here.

But one of the things we do know is that however much we need money we are no longer prepared to sell our souls. We have realised our worth (finally) and are not prepared to put up with an ounce of crap any longer!

So when I read this ladies poem here is an excerpt

“If you can get the tiles upon the concrete floor,
And spend your hours, playing round with grout,
Or face the fact the bank account looks poor,
And never grudge the will to do without.
If you can stand knee deep in all the brambles,
And tame the weeds and learn to use a strimmer,
Your life might sometimes seem to be in shambles,
But you love the sunsets when the light gets dimmer.
Then you can truly look back on your trouble,
And share your sense of humour while you rest,
The pleasure that you gain is truly double,
And you will know that you have done your best.”

Rachelle Writer – the living and renovating in France FB page

It reminded me that we are not alone, that we have to keep fighting to survive and that we should never give up. But more than that, I said how it had made me cry, in a good way, the response was, again, overwhelming with one person telling me how this blog helps them to carry on at times.

So I am being honest, and I know that some will disapprove, but do you know what? I don’t care! I always said I would be honest on here and I will continue to be so.

The situation we have found ourselves in has made us consider whether being self employed over here is the way to go. With the nastiness and cattiness of some (and I hasten to add ‘some’) of the people over here, and with most of the work being ‘seasonal we have now questioned out choices and are considering some changes and options for next year.

But this poem touched me with the lines……..

“But you love the sunsets when the light gets dimmer.
Then you can truly look back on your trouble,
And share your sense of humour while you rest,
The pleasure that you gain is truly double,”

It reminded me why I moved out here, for the tranquility, for the simpler life, to be surrounded but the most breathtaking countryside, and to continue to strive and not just ‘wait for God.’ It reminded me of all the people who have supported us all the way, including our little group on messenger who all support each other as we watch TV programmes together,although miles apart. The kindness and support I have had from people from all over the world who I have never met has re-enforced my faith in mankind; and what was the outcome of this positivity I received – I made another sale on my fledgling Etsy shop!

So whilst there may be, sadly, some vicious people out here, they don’t phase me. I have always had the ability to tell people to f**k off! Sometimes in more cutting ways than that.

So thank you one and all – keep the positivity coming; that way we can shut the ‘Dementors’ in the world up – those who just want to suck the life out of people – (thanks for that character J K Rowling!)

As for the chilli sauce recipe – it is coming later today just for you Carol Barrass!!



As always please share and get the word out there.






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