Living calmly…

“Vow to seek a calm inner response to the circumstances of your life,”

People who have known me for many years have known me to be a person who takes no crap, I would have rather lost what I had than take crap for it. I would fight my corner, ferociously, like a tiger, (and, to be fair I had to sometimes) and nobody would beat me. In fairness and as I have said in previous posts, including a little but more about me, I was conditioned at one point to not say anything, whilst this caused a rage that seethed inside me; and as a lot if you know it made me ill.

But now, as I sit here today, I have a different perspective. I still don’t put up with crap, but the difference is that I now look at people and choose to step away, or more often than not say nothing, because there is no point in confrontation, it gains nothing. I may say something to them I just don’t confront.

I do think that moving here, and living a simple life has enabled me to learn that an I have inner strength and I just don’t need to show it to others so openly. I have read the Tao ( some have even thought I have found God! Each to their own!) and I now dip into a verse each day, sitting here, surrounded by nature, and peace and solitude at times.

Over the past week we have randomly opened the Tao on the verse ‘Living calmly’: it is a lesson about living your life without letting others, or circumstances control it. It is about staying calm and believing that what you need will come, if you let it. Yesterday our dear friend Karen opened the book to choose the verse and it opened on this one again. When she said that we had read this already this week my immediate response was “Then we didn’t get the lesson, and we need to read it again!”

That is what this adventure has shown me, being so close to nature, that all you have to do is sit in peace and quiet, surrounded by nature, as I am now, listening to the bees humming, the birds singing and watching the swifts dancing in the sky, and I know if I believe what is needed will come.

Embrace the silence folks you will be amazed by what you hear!

If you just listen.




  1. Just lovely. I like to think of it as being like a child again, just taking in all of it without judgment or worry or a million other thoughts in my head at the same time. Really listening – as a grown up, that’s an art – and you are an artist, Moisy.

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