My husband and the French language

For all those who love hearing about my husband and the French language, my first blog about it from 2015. Trust me he has got better and even translated for some English school children in the shop yesterday! But reading this again it made me giggle.


So with the basic of French, for which I have to say a big thank you to Mr Kyndt my teacher at Grays Convent because seriously I have needed what he taught me for my O’ Level, we moved to France.

Rich has one key phrase that he has off pat:

“Pardon Monsieur Je ne parlez pas Francaise tres bein”

Excuse me sir, I do not speak French well.

He has progressed with some words, but at times has had me in tears (of laughter) as I try and teach him some understanding of the basics.

A good example of this was yesterday. I was trying to teach him his numbers, he can count to 10 well and then gets lost until he gets to 20! We had just been shopping and he gets totally lost when told how much he has spent, which is quite essential really. This is mainly around the numbers…

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