The Princess and the Pea! A fairytail of love, kindness and Welshies….

A lovely take on our princess’s story.

Dylan's Welshie World

Once upon a time there were two little Welshie girls.

The first known as Princess Wiglet did not have the best start in life.

She was bred to be a show dog, but unfortunately her curly piglet like tail was not considered to be correct for the show arena and so before she was a year old, her tail had been operated on twice to try and straighten it.

But that stubborn little tail kept on curling and so she was rehomed to a French count who lived part of the time in Paris where he let her off the lead – not always a wise idea with a Welshie – in the middle of the city, where the scared little puppy ran through the streets and into the traffic in this busy metropolis and was nearly killed.

So he took her back to his country estate and decided she…

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