Inspiration: …

‘The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions….’

‘Fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative…’

‘The act of influencing or suggesting opinions ….’

I started this post a few days ago, and then life took over and showed me the way and I thought I would share this with you today, to perhaps inspire you over the weekend, whether to make change for yourself, to think, or to inspire others…..

Over the past month I have it said to me, by numerous people, that I inspire them. What a wonderful thing to have said to you!

For me, especially, it is pertinent because I started this blog to inspire others, the people who wanted to make change in their lives, to have that adventure.

So how did life show me the way?

Yesterday morning we encountered a ‘Hater’ a person who is at odds with the world, who joins in the vitriol on the group FB sites, and who hates to see people doing well. She messaged Rich to tell him how he was NOT allowed to sell his old van without certain certifications! Not content with that she then messaged him direct (all under the cloak of pretending to care) to tell him the same. Her aim was to raise his fears, hold him back, stop him selling the van. We ignored her, it is the best thing to do to people who know that they are so banal that they already invisible to most. I suppose I should be grateful, really, she was part of the inspiration to write this post, as Nora Ephron said ‘Everything’s copy!’

But it did get under Rich’s skin, until I pointed out that he was allowing her to achieve exactly what she wanted to, how he was allowing her to spoil the afternoon we had planned: to take the dogs for a lovely walk at a beautiful lake near to us. Rich listened and he let it go.

Then that afternoon at the lake I encountered a lover of life, a person who is just genuinely pleased for everyone when life is going well. A lovely lady who I had made cyber friends with many moons ago when we both re-homed dogs from the same human being (read what you will into the term I have used!)

It was a beautiful afternoon and as we walked one way around the lake she and her hubby were walking the other way. I had never met her in person, only via FB and this blog, but she knew me as soon as she saw me and said ‘ you must be Moisy’ and rushed towards me to give me a massive hug. Life had set it up perfectly to emphasise that where there is bad, there is also good. This lady reads all my posts, loves them all, was so pleased that things were going well for us, and understood how hard it had been for us. She was the good to counterbalance the bad.

I came to realise that I have achieved my aim to inspire others. Over the past month, one friend has told me how I have inspired her to sell her house and make the move into the countryside, and to believe that what she needed would come her way if she just trusted life to show her; and it did.

Another friend has been inspired to face her fears and start a blog (although she must face the fear of worrying what everyone thinks, or she won’t write anything.)

And then it got me thinking and reflecting on the past few years: On how people I don’t know have messaged me to say I have inspired them to think about the lives they are living and how they are making them ill.

Of how other people have started blogs because of mine, how I have inspired them to drop their guard, and write what they wanted. Other people have started to read the Tao, have wanted to make change, and more than anything people have encouraged me to believe in my book, and to now write one about my experiences on this adventure and have thereby inspired me.

More than anything my dear friend is now looking to live in France part-time, to make more change, God knows she’s made so much in the past year she’s almost flying now, and there’s nothing to stop her!

So who inspires you?

How would you like to inspire others?

If you asked me what inspiring others is it is …..

“To give someone the belief that they, too, can make change…”

I hope I have inspired you to think this weekend, and remember live for the moment, the only moment is now




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