Anither funny, but this time heartbreaking post about our naughty little Dylan. Dog lovers it will bring a tear to your eyes.

Dylan's Welshie World

Puppy class took a serious turn in more ways than one tonight.

So as usual Dyls bounced into class. Lots of playing and jumping with Boo. She even decided to spare the time to play with Boycie the feisty pug.

Her latest crush Aslan the Leonburger is in holiday, but undeterred Dyls turned her attention to Nico the pointer, who seemed very happy that the most popular puppy in class was giving him the time of day.

He’s a bit younger than Dyls, but clearly she likes a bit of a toyboy – the little minx.

Mind you, given how I have a crush on Tom Hardy, I can’t really criticise!

Dylan’s other bff, Molly was back tonight, but was in a foul mood. The reason came to light later.

Though Dyls and Molly started off playing nicely, Molly suddenly turned and had Dylan’s Salvador Daliesque moustache in her mouth…

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