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Last week I was busy busy busy preparing items for out little enterprise of handmade products that we sell on out Etsy shop. We invested in a scroll saw for Rich so that he can get the cuts precision perfect and as a result I also came up with some new designs.


I love them, and lovingly wrapped them and took them off to the wedding fayre on Sunday. Having finished reading Deepak chopra I was philosophical that if nothing came from it then it was life showing me the way, and that we would need to let this part of the enterprise go.


I was pleased with the way the table looked and knew that our items looked good.


The weather was not good (although as I write this we have lovely warm Autumn sunshine and temperatures of over twenty-four degrees.) in fact it was literally sheeting down with rain; but the French do like to get out on a Sunday afternoon and over eighty people came to the wedding fayre, and many showed an interest in our pretty little hearts.They appreciated Rich’s cutting of the wood more than anything (the boy done good) and knew that what he had accomplished was not easy; and they also picked up on the fact that many of the items would change colour as the day wore on and they loved it! It didn’t help that I had forgotten the word for the verb to make (faire) until the very end of the day, but I got by.


More importantly I met some lovely people there, a lady who makes the most beautiful cakes, and who made me giggle throughout the afternoon; and a lovely lady who runs a shop in the town of Gorron where she stocks handmade products from artisans; I took it as a sign when she  came over and asked me if we would take some stock to her for her shop as she liked it and wanted to promote it for us. When I said how interested the French people had been she said that she had found that they seemed  to appreciate handmade products, and understand the amount of time and work that went in to them. So life did show me the way and I will be visiting her tomorrow, and Rich and I will branch out and make handmade Christmas decorations and angels in time for Christmas. (Although always remember an angel and a star are for life, not just for Christmas!)


But, and there is a but…. Having read Deepak Chopra he says that we are all destined to do something, and you know what that ‘something’ is when time flies….

“When you’re doing that one thing, you lose track of time” 

Deepak Chopra – ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ 

I know that really for me my love is writing, and time does just fly when I am writing. With nearly two thousand monthly hits, and counting, on my blog  it is just getting better and better. So I am going to give it one more try sending my book to agents; however if I am not successful I am going to turn it into a a blog – it needs to be out there, because I know it will help people. It went to board for consideration with two publishers so I knew I had something to say and from the blogs that I have read, and people I have spoken to, there is a need for it – I truly believe that.  As Deepak chopra says

“The third component of the Law of Dharma is service to humanity – to serve your fellow human beings and to ask yourself the questions. ‘How can I help’……

‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’

I would really value your opinion on this one folks shall I blog it?

Look forward to hearing from you.