Broken hearts and Unicorns

I am so sorry to all of my readers of Mois French Adventure I have neglected those who don’t want to read the pain of my other blog but it has just took off! I have had over seven thousand views to date and the interaction has been phenomenal. If I cannot get an agent or publisher I will self-publish and a big thanks to all those who gave me advice less than a month ago.

Who would have thought when I moved out here that my life would have taken this turn? I think that it is important to say a big thank you to Rich, it has been incredibly brave of him to agree to me sharing our story, and for facing his fears and realising that I still love him, the pain I felt has gone away – long ago. It is time to help others now.

I have been saying for a long time that change is coming and I feel that it is now blowing in on the late autumn wind, who knows what is coming; I learnt a long time ago to go with it and not be afraid.

My week has been busy, as well as the new blog and the mass of media interaction that has to take place I was asked if I would make some sparkly unicorns as part of our joint business, making handmade products. I am blind as a bat, which comes in helpful when I sit for hours with an orange stick embellishing our products! I love doing it but it is time consuming so I was pleased when one of the unicorns sold before I had even put it in the shop!

I looked up the symbolism of unicorns, given the madness of the past few weeks, and there are many meanings; for me the one that resonated was that they do represent strength (I think it’s fair to say that is probably me, for where we are now and because I have never, ever given up on this adventure!), and they can also represent new beginnings. I think this may be the start of one for us now.

I love all of the interaction from you and the support you have given me over the years so I will be blogging often this week, on this blog, sharing pictures with you and telling you about the other changes that have happened since the chickens moved into their own house and out of the chicken Hilton.

Keep reading folks, and thanks for staying with me. I am off now for an afternoon of relaxation (and interaction no doubt!) and next week I will be embellishing the newest unicorn addition to our designs, requested by someone for their grand-daughter, who knows whether she will pick a heart of star design for it’s base!

Have a good Sunday – and always believe in something magical




  1. Keep writing enjoying this blog – and understanding your other blog. It’s Hard to bear your soul to the world and very brave.
    Good luck to you both.

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  2. Seven thousand views is phenomenal – congratulations! I wonder if there are not specialty publishers in psychology or marriage counseling who will consider your book? Think of publishers in the U.S. or Australia as well as the U.K. You can cast a wide net.
    Thanks for keeping up your regular blog too – the happier side of things. Your unicorns are elegant.

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