Do they stay in puppy class?

Dylan's Welshie World

Dylan and I have finally won an award. Not the coveted Kennel Club Bronze that is slipping further from our grasp, but next week Dylan and I will be officially the longest serving members of puppy class plus.

At the moment, Dylan is stomping round the bedroom in pure Welshie sulk mood. I think the realisation of what happened (or rather didn’t happen)at puppy class has sunk in.

Last week there was no puppy class as it was firework night in the UK. So instead Dyls and I have spent the week practising sit/stays, off lead recalls, heels walks and going through gates – all in readiness of the Good Citizen.

And Dyls has been brilliant. Well that is to say she happily sits and waits at gates now before going through, but faced with a steep slope, some brambles and mud on the way into our favourite field, and…

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