Counting my blessings: Day 2

So I am sitting bed with my cup of tea, looking out of the window at this. It is a bright sunny morning here in rural France; and I am looking at my favourite tree. I have written about it often, calling it my Tree of Tao, because it just goes with the flow whatever the weather; it just takes life as it comes.

To be able to see this every day, is a blessing because I have incredibly bad eyesight, and I treasure the gift of sight. It’s also a blessing because it calms me and grounds me, reminding me that we are just small blips on a much bigger picture; and that all the things we think are important aren’t that important at all.

It sways in the breeze, and it sways in the storms and raging winds, it is always serene; when we look nature shows us so much.

Happy Christmas everyone, share with us the small things you count as blessings, they could inspire others.



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