The Anti-Gaspillage

This is the content of an anti-gaspillage box that are available from Lidl in France at certain times of the day and week.

The term means anti-waste, and in France it is illegal for the supermarkets to throw food away, they have to give it away. So today I got all of these vegetables for 1€!

Known as a Gaspy they box up fruit and veg that is going out of date, and leave them at the front of the shop for sale. The boxes are made up of different things, and I chose this one because it had five bags of brussel sprouts (or choux de brussel) in it. I love brussels (yep you heard it here!) I love them in roast dinners, I love them in bubble & squeak, a dish that was made up in WWII to use up leftovers from a Sunday roast. My mum used to make bubble & squeak with mashed potatoes and brussels, all mashed up together and the fried in a pan to make it crispy; served up with a runny fried egg on top that runs through it as you cut it open, it is divine! And cheap!

The other reason that I chose this box is because it has 6 boxes of mushrooms. I have learnt to make a mean mushroom bhaji, with fresh coriander, so I plan to make a huge one at the weekend and freeze it. Tonight we are having a burger with a topping of mushrooms fried in butter and black pepper.

For 1€ I got all that plus 2 cauliflowers and 2 lettuce. They are all edible, just need to be used up quickly. If I had paid full price I would have paid nearly 22€ (for a rural, farming country vegetables are not cheap in France). A massive saving.

Over the weekend I will mostly be blanching, and freezing, and cooking curry!

I like Gaspy’s!




    • I know, it is disgusting that they would rather throw it away! Over here what they don’t sell they have to give to charity at the end of the day. I suppose that’s what comes from living in a socialist country. ❤️


  1. What a great law. I wish they would do that here in the U.S. I know some of the more progressive stores donate their produce and meats to food banks, but honestly I think the majority just toss them. I absolutely abhor the idea of throwing away food when so many need it. Plus, what a deal that is for consumers in France. Great law.

    I grew up hating brussel sprouts probably because my mother boiled them (yuck). But a former girlfriend broiled them for me with loads of olive oil, and I became a fan forever. Well, of brussel sprouts; the girlfriend stole money from me, so I was decidedly not a fan of hers! – Marty

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    • Oh Marty! Firstly I knew you would love this post, secondly look at the bright side: at least she got you into Brussel sprouts! We had some last night and they were beautiful. Try lightly steaming them and then frying some smoked bacon lardons and adding the brussels to them and frying them together – yummy! Moisy

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