Bittersweet…’s sold

Nearly three years ago I wrote this post in which I said how I come to realise how much our home had replenished me. How a house is not a home, it us the people in it. I will need to remind myself of this in the next three hectic months, because we have sold our house. Only the second viewers have placed an offer that cannot be refused.

Life really has shown us the way as we had always said it would. It is time to move on.

The feeling is bittersweet.

RD and I were talking the other day and we both cried. I said how I had realised now, how we had struggled for so long living here that at times we had failed to see what we really had. But then I look back over my old posts and I know that is not the case. There has been do much positivity, and we have truly learned to value the simple things.

The opportunity to move on, given to us so quickly is bittersweet because we had yearned to live in France for so long, it was our dream and now our dream has ended.

But time to start a new adventure.

I cannot wait to go home on Friday and sit in my garden with those I love.

Thank you all for your kind and wonderful comments.




  1. Oh wow Moira, life is definitely showing you it’s time for a new adventure. Enjoy my friend as you have had some hard years. I can’t wait to visit you in your new home. I am sure it will be as beautiful as the home you have created in France xx

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      • Love Galway! Loads of good “crack” with the people – and the dangerous romance of the moors. Having already stretched your brain to learn French, perhaps you’ll be ready to learn some Irish.

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      • That’s the joy, I can understand the Irish because my dad was Irish and therebye I am automatically a citizen. I know some words though. Poor Rich it will be just like French to him. 😄 I am sure he will have an Irush lilt this time next year.


  2. Okay, for purely selfish reasons, of course, but I am really excited about your next plans. I love everything about Ireland! I’ve never been there, nor am I of Irish descent. But I absolutely love its rich history, wonderful music, and the whiskey! 🙂 Congrats on selling your home so quickly, bittersweet thoughts notwithstanding. Be well… – Marty

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