Along Comes Nature

Sunrise from my window August 2021

It’s cold here this morning, only nine degrees with a South Easterly wind. But as a result we have a beautiful sunrise coming up over the Blue-stack Mountains.

Our Irish Sunrise

No matter where we are in life there is a balance, the cold brings the most beautiful sunrises, and they bring hope.

I have always loved sunrises, they have been a big feature in this blog, and I have been blessed to have the most wonderful views of the sunrises both here and in France. So I’m sharing them for those who sometimes think this world’s gone mad…nature proves to us that every day holds something beautiful just look for it.

Enjoy every day, find something good in every day.


Sunrise in Montaigu France 2020


  1. Thank you for the sunrises. I am not usually an early riser, so might not see many of these if you were not posting them! The soft deep green hills out your Irish window are splendid. Sending warm thoughts your way…

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    • Oh Marty, it’s an Ireland where everywhere you look it’s a wow moment. You would love it. We’re doing a bucket list with the furries, so next week we’re going to the Giant’s Causeway, look out for the post. But that view…Montaigu was breathtaking but when I open the blind early and see that it’s truly a moment of gratitude ❤️

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