Autumn is creeping in

Harley Autumn 2020 in Montaigu France

Since starting this blog I have been inspired often by Autumn (she always deserves a capital letter.) The countryside that surrounded me in France inspired me, but more than anything it was the message that Autumn brought with her that inspired me the most.. about letting go, about relishing what you have. The reminder that your forgot again to enjoy the moment and then there it was ..gone.

I have written so many posts, but I read this one from this time last year only today and it brought tears to my eyes, I remember that feeling of poignancy we both had. We had enjoyed (and sometimes not so much when it was 45 degrees!) the summers in France and when I wrote that post I was about to return to my job on Jersey and would not return to Montaigu until October, when the summer would well and truly have left.

Autumn Trees in Montaigu 2020

It has been unseasonably cold in Ireland over the past few weeks, and raining most days, but despite that the people hold onto the hope that we will have another heatwave. I can’t see it myself, hopefully an Indian summer if we’re lucky.

Last week on my way to work I sat in my car at one of a series of traffic lights, there was a slight breeze and as I sat there a flurry of leaves blew across in front of me, being led by the wind to their next place of rest. They danced like little primary school children, looking forward to there next adventure, as they waved goodbye to their parents. the trees. It was clear that Autumn was creeping in, taking them on their last adventure. It brought a tear to my eyes, because I have come to learn since living in France that Autumn will come with her messages of change, letting go, and that lingering question, ‘Did you enjoy the summer whilst it was here?’

Sadly more often than not the answer is ‘No’, bring it back and I will cherish every moment this time. We do that with so many things don’t we?

I was taken back to a moment in time not long after my mum had passed away when I was waiting for my son to come out of school. The school was in a tree lined avenue, and I watched as the leaves, in their dresses of orange and gold, started to drop down from the trees in the filtered autumn sunlight, and as I watched a breeze came along and shushed them up the avenue, as if to say it’s time to leave now, hurry along, none of us can stay the same. I was reminded then, as I am now, that Autumn is always a time of reminder, because everything will change.

I have this week off work, there is that feeling in the early morning air, that autumnal nip, she is coming. Will we enjoy her whilst she is here?

I will try, will you?



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