The ‘Living List’

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So as you might have guessed I was going to call this blog ‘Wiglet’s Bucket List.’ But as time has passed and we have been doing things (more of that to come) I realised that what is happening in our house now has taught us, once again, to live life every day. It can be small things or large things but get out there and enjoy them, breathe them in, shut your eyes and just be. In fact I looked up Bucket List, which basically means a list of things we want to do in our lives before we die, or before something ends. Why? Why do we associate it with dying, in fact why do we associate doing things with anything?

Wiglet The Warrior Welshie

It made me smile when I read that you can have a Summer bucket list, or an Autumn bucket list, or a Winter Bucket list, a College bucket list and on and on. So we all draw up lists of what we want to do in the future whilst being busy writing lists in the only time we actually have: here and now! Bugger that!

So I decided that we’re not having any kind of bucket list, but I am determined that we are now going to make the effort and do things, come rain or shine. We are going to have a ‘Living Life’ list, which in fact is not a list at all the only list we are using is the list I have added to along the way of things I thought we would want to see in Ireland.

All of this has been inspired by our Welshie Warrior Princess, who is not giving up this life without a fight. I hope that you will join us on our travels, some are big, some are small, all are poignant, and all are making memories. And I hope this video makes you smile, because it’s message is ‘never give up’, live every moment.

More to come.



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