All Change -Back to Where I Clearly Need to Be.

Our Cosy Home November 2021

I left work on Tuesday. it was a poignant moment as it had been my first job in Ireland. The day before I left I had found myself looking around as I got into our van, and realising that this was, yet again, another closing of a chapter in my life. I really understand now that endings is life’s biggest lesson.

When I left last night they bought me the beautiful flowers that you will see throughout this post, and it brought tears to my eyes. They were kind people.

The role was easy for me, not taxing in any way and I only worked four days a week. We had a summer enjoying that extra day off a week, and I convinced myself that it was enough. But it wasn’t, I was bored and started to feel as if I was stagnating.

For those who have read ‘The Alchemist’ you will understand that this role was my Crystal Shop. I had been offered a similar role to the one I have now taken and I turned it down. I wanted to work in Ireland and build relationships here. I have made a good friend but where I worked was never going to be that for me. I learned a lot about Irish culture, and the role I was in and the organisation where I was working was too slow for me. As the months moved on I tried but it became more and more difficult. I began to understand that what I thought I wanted wasn’t really what I wanted at all. But when I left they had taken some suggestions on board, and I left with everything in as much order as it could be. I knew my life was designed by helping people deal with difficult situations from both sides, and that I should use those skills.

Life as always then dropped some hints: My battery went flat on my little old car, I replaced it and four days later I had a puncture and destroyed the tyre. We replaced it. Then it failed it’s NCT (roadworthy test) not on much and I planned to get it repaired. Life knew I wasn’t listening so the next day it gave me another puncture. I got the message. That little car was worth three hundred euro and I was paying out one hundred and forty to ensure it every month! I took the hint and I sold the car. This then took us down to one vehicle, RD’s van, which meant he was then trapped in the house. It wasn’t ideal and it was clear that it was going to be impossible to save for a newer car, which meant RD couldn’t take on any work and we were in the proverbial catch 22.

Then a huge tractor took the wing mirror off our van! I still wasn’t listening. I actually said to ‘Life’ that I knew it was telling me to leave my job, which was taking me an hour to drive to, and an hour to drive back. It meant that although technically I was part-time I was actually working a forty hour week with the travelling as well, but only being paid for twenty-nine hours. But as I said to ‘Life’ I still needed money to live, show me the way. It did.

Two weeks ago I was contacted by the same professional consulting agency to ask if I was interested in a role that would take me back to the UK two days a week, working the rest from home in Ireland. Yes it means travel, but it means I will be using all my skills again, and the money will be welcome and worth it. I was interviewed two days later and will be in the UK on Monday. It was an easy decision because as always ‘Life’ paved the way for this job to start quickly.

I am excited at not only using the skills I had in the past, but approaching things in a completely different way, given how much I have learned in the last seven years. I don’t need to prove myself, I just need to be me, because I am good enough.

RD? He is happy enough, he get’s his van back!

I suppose the biggest thing I have learned over the past seven years is to listen to the messages ‘Life’ sends your way. I am blessed that I have learned that lesson.

I will do some brief posts from the UK, why not as I will be by the sea!

More to come.




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