Life Goes On – Bringing Out The Spirit of Our Home PT II

Christmas Eve Sunrise In Donegal Ireland 2021

Every morning when I lift my blind I count my blessings that I see this view, it’s always the small things that count. I have realised from all these adventures we have had that it is the people in a house that make it a home, it is love that makes a house a home.

The view into our house from our back garden Donegal 2022

Our little house cannot house my washing machine, so it lives in the garage. On Tuesday RD and I were in the garage, with the mad Welshies and Daisy the cat running around like a lunatic, and I counted my blessings because I know our opportunities to spend time with them are now limited, and I looked into our little house, it looked so warm and inviting, it looked content and loved. I said to RD how it looked so inviting and happy. It stood alone and empty last year, unloved and cold. I understand now why the native Americans believe everything has a spirit, everything responds to energy. I have found that so often where houses are concerned.

This week RD found these beautiful lights in a local bargain shop, I am lucky he can work with electrics and he fitted them above my kitchen sink just in time for Christmas, I love them. They just add to the warmth that I feel from my home.

A Star To Guide The Way In Our Window

Any who have read this blog for years will know that I love stars. In Montaigu we had many that we had handmade…

One Of My Favourite Home-made Star

I miss our stars, I miss our stuff, still sadly in France. So we have bought some sparkly stars to put in our windows, all from discount stores, and very cheap; it’s hard to pick my favourite from this carved wooden star, to our little illuminated star in our bedroom window.

I have always had sparkly lights wrapped around my bed, but our metal beds are gone now, and our new bed has a velvet headboard, so I was thrilled yesterday when RD gave me an early Christmas gift of an illuminated star for my bedroom wall. I love it.

I remember someone miserable (les miserables) asking why I had stars around my house, when it wasn’t Christmas. I pointed out a star is for life, not just for Christmas. ⭐️🌟✨

My Wobbly Little Angel

I have also always loved angels, so we found this little angel tipped upside down, unloved, in a well known discount grocer. I bought her home, and she will live on my kitchen windowsill all year, not just for Christmas.

Our home is a happy little home, it feels happy, it is warm, it is loved, and as I write this with Wiglet snoring behind me I am truly blessed.

Have a mellow Christmas everyone, try and think of others, but do not beat yourself up for your blessings.


Harley and Wiglet Montaigu France 2019

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