Life’s Lessons – A Small Act Of Kindness…

This is a catch up blog really, since writing about ‘Life’s Lessons’ just before Christmas, and how I had lost my job. Due to that we entered the New Year with swiftly dwindling finances, and no sight of any coming in. Here we go, I thought, money is controlling my life again! So I put into place all that I had learnt in France: worrying about money was not going to bring any in, worrying about bills was not going to pay them, I had to believe that what we needed would come. I knew that if I let the negative take over then nothing positive would come our way. That where we were would pass, if you believe that and allow it to.

But it was hard, and part of the process of staying focused was, for me, to step back from any negativity that I felt from anyone. Including any feeling that we were being judged for being broke, which was something I felt quite strongly at times from some people.

I did wonder if that feeling was my imagination until a dear friend, who I only now interact with via social media, read my blog and messaged me at the end of December, saying how sorry she was that I had lost my job and asking for my address because she wanted to send me a gift. And there it was, a random gesture of kindness and understanding.

Some days later a beautiful pampering set arrived in the post, sent to me to keep my spirits up. But what she didn’t know was that it kept my belief strong, it emphasised that what I felt about being judged was right, because here was this person, not judging me, but understanding my situation. The contrast from other experiences with other people I had at that difficult time was great. I know now that what I was feeling was energy, vibes if you like. That simple gesture of good, positive energy enabled me to see that, and keep faith in myself. I don’t think that my friend knew just what she had actually done. She reads this blog, I hope she knows now.

So we battened down our hatches, allowing only positive vibes into our lives and on the 6th of January an agency I was registered with called to see if I would be interested in a temporary job, at a school, which is the type of place I wanted to work. It was only for three weeks, but I was grateful for the work. ’Life’ had sent it my way.

Little did I know that was only the beginning of a string of lessons life had in store……



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