Disbelief Or Fear?

Since last summer RD and I have attempted to read about reality. Admittedly a mind blowing reality, but reality none the less: in that we are all energy. Firstly I have to give Einstein credit, because this is all based on his theory of relativity.

It all started at my old job when I was asked to audit and put away their bookshop. Now as you know, we had already had it proved to us time and again in France that ’Life’ shows you the way. So when I was auditing the bookshop ’Life’ sent me a message when I picked up the book ‘Synchrodestiny’ by Deepak Chopra.

It caught my eye because it mentioned how coincidences are in fact messages leading us on the path we are meant to follow. There were so many instances of this for us in France, from the moment we moved into our new house, turned the water on and water run through the ceilings, to the roof blowing off our kitchen, the tornado that decimated the garden and let us not forget how our well ran dry, leaving us with no water for eleven days in the middle of a searing summer. Despite all this and more it still took us a while to finally consider the message: that France was perhaps not where we were meant to be.

As time moved on and we really started listening things started to change, and here we are in Ireland now. One of the main lessons we learnt from all of these adventures, was from another book ’The Road Less Travelled’ in which M. Scott Peck realised that in fact in life none of us are ‘doing the driving’. Even when we think we are. We then went on to read The Tao which makes it clear that none of us are really in control.

So back to my story, I duly brought the Synchrodestiny book home from the Library and started to read it to RD. It really is mind blowing stuff, and whilst we both understood the message, accepting it was hard to believe and RD struggled with the concept.

So on the subject of coincidence, a week later I found the book ’God doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days’ by Pam Grout. It is the same concept, just straight to the point, with exercises to challenge your thoughts. We were clearly meant to think about energy, ‘Life’ was by now virtually throwing books at me on the subject, wanting me to grasp the messages that these books gave out. So this time I bought Pam’s book and duly took it home. It was right up RD’s street and he had just started to get it, when Wiglet got ill a week later.

The book duly got put on hold. It was hard to believe in anything when dealing with a cancer diagnosis, because despite all that I have read, when faced with losing a living thing you love so dearly, belief in anything is hard to swallow.

But as I have written many times I tested this theory as I drove home in my car one night, sobbing. The first exercise was to ask the source for something, to test it. RD and I had said how we already believed, so we didn’t need to do it. Clearly The Source, or ‘Life’ as we call it thought otherwise and sent us Wiglet’s diagnosis. So I asked for more time with her and she is still here 9 months later.

Yes it’s hard, like watching a fabulous glass of champagne slowly losing it’s bubbles, but when she then chases a hare (that’s for another story) around our paddock I know that there is ’Life in the young dog yet’.

And here is the belief thing: Every time we go to the vet for her meds he shakes his head in disbelief and says how he cannot believe she is here. But it is not only my request, we are now starting to understand the power of energy, the power that we all have. We know if we go down, she goes down, if we stay positive she picks up. It really is that simple. We don’t kid ourselves that the inevitable won’t happen, we all have to go back to the source, but we do know that our energy, empowers her energy and this has given us more time with her.

In January we felt strong enough to open our minds again, and went back to Pam’s book. The next exercise was to make divining rods from an old wire coat hanger, with plastic straws on the handles. We had to hold them and think of something negative, I thought of an extremely toxic person we had the pleasure of encountering in France, as predicted the divining roads crossed over in front of me. I then cleared my mind and thought of something positive. I thought of my Welshies zooming around the garden chasing each other. The rods went out to the side apart from each other. It was amazing. But the mind blowing part was when I thought of the fire and they pointed to the fire, I thought of the mirror, they duly moved right around and pointed at the mirror. All energy. From then on we believe.

But here’s the thing: The way that most people look at me when I explain this to them, like I have lost my mind. Even when we showed them the video we took, they think we made it up. Some people pass no comment at all. That has amazed me more than anything, when actually shown it people don’t want to know. But hasn’t that been the case for millennia?

Now we have moved on to other exercises where you focus on what you want: we now both have jobs, we have another car, we have gone from stoney broke to not stoney broke in a matter of 3 months. We haven’t lost the lessons we learned in France, they were sent to us for a reason. We are not extravagant, because we don’t need to be, and never will be again in fairness. As they say in France ’Pas necessaire’. But one of the biggest lessons from this is that I cannot help people to understand,they will only do this because they want to, and only then will they open their minds.

So now when people ask me how we have managed to keep Wiglet with us, I just say you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. I suppose that begs the question why I have written this blog, because something told me to, some energy, and because some people will read this and their minds will be opened.

Good luck to all those that do.




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