Harley Boy has always loved to chase light. Light in water, light reflected onto things and light reflected in bubbles. In 2018 we purchased some bubbles for him to chase, and for some unknown French reason they were called bubblyfux, much to the amusement of some friends of ours! That name has stuck when it comes to playing bubbles in our house.

On to my post…..

Harley by The Pool France August 2020

Where water is concerned we will never forget Harley and the pool in France. There was no relaxing in the pool, because Harley would be up at the side barking at you to splash him so that he could chase the splashes around the garden. Wiglet on the other hand hated water and would just bark at Harley constantly when he was chasing it because she could not see the light reflected in it, and she thought he had gone mad.

Now since Elfie arrived Harley initially ignored her, then he realised she wasn’t going anywhere so he was grumpy with her, he is grieving, in the same was as we are, and we understand that. Add to that Harley is eleven and a half now (almost) and when we visited the vet last week they told us to watch his symptoms as they believe he too may have something sinister going on. That is all I will say other than I understand that whilst he is showing no symptoms RD does not want to administer steroids which will in themselves eventually kill him. I get that. We always knew with our beloved boy that he is older, and losing Wiglet will affect him and we know that time is precious. Today he is currently sleeping at my feet.

My Beautiful Boy Harley

But Elfie has been sent here on a mission, she has been sent by Wiglet and the Sidhe of Ireland to help her on her mission, to help Harley and us. As part of that she has been given a gift: she too is able to see light in water and more importantly in bubbles!

Bubbles in the Grass

Now this has been a game changer. We were trying to cheer Harley up at the weekend, and we took them both out in the garden, even though it has been unseasonably cold and grey, even for Ireland! There was some small amount of evening sun and it was fairly breezy, but undeterred we stood out on our paddock and started to wave the bubble wand. Harley immediately started to bark at the bubbles and chase them, as best as his old legs could carry him. But then Elfie joined in the chase too, and this time it was Harley who looked on in wonderment as she proceeded to run around the paddock like a mad thing leaping and jumping for the bubbles. She would run from one end of the paddock to the other, and at one point leapt right over Harley in hot pursuit.

Elfie and Harley Bubble chasing

This has become their favourite game. Poor Harley, because he cannot run like he used to, we keep the bubbles close to him, whilst Elfie chases all the escapees. She reminds me of Tigger from ‘Winnie The Pooh’ as she bounces over the grass with all four feet in the air. Or leaps acrobatically high up to catch any rogue bubbles. She really is a sight to behold.

Elfie The Dog Of Wonderment

We will have a summer of bubbles because life moves on, and like bubbles you have beautiful moments in time, but they never last forever.

Magic has been sent our way with love…. because Love never dies

Moisy (aka Rosie)

Elfie and Harley The Welshie Summer in Ireland 2022
Elfie and Harley


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